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Skills developers are earning from $1000 to $2000 and up, a month in passive income once their Skills/App is accepted into the Amazon Skills store.

Amazon will pay you each time an Amazon client downloads your Skills program.  There is no cost to you.  Your only job is to learn this new skill and get in before the crowd moves in.

You can learn how to build Skills/Apps on Udemy, an affordable platform, for learning online.  No need to quit your day job, just make time for learning and stay committed.

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Once you’ve learned how to make Skills/Apps, you can Invoice yourself into a six-figure income.  As of May 2018, there were over 20 million Amazon Echo devices sold, with only 25,000 Skills in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store.

Small businesses to large corporations will all need and want a Skills/App for their business, just like they needed a website and a website app.

NOW, there are Skills, and it’s all about the voice.  Our research shows freelancers who have AI skills can write their own check.  You can post your new skills on Freelancer.com and get more jobs.  Be sure to add your experience from the Skills Store on Amazon to your Freelance.com profile.  Let people know you may be new to Freelance.com, but experienced in the art of building Skills/Apps.

Learn well, perform the best you can and perhaps, you’ll never need another 9 to 5 job unless that’s what you want.